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Lifetime Membership

Baxter and Bella offer a lifetime membership that gives you full access to their training curriculum, plus one-on-one sessions with a trainer. Remember to use the code:
SARATOGA for 25% off!

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Program Overview
The Baxter and Bella curriculum is comprehensive, easy to follow, and a great roadmap for teaching your dog great manners and some neat tricks. Check out this program overview to see what's included.



Training your puppy is also very important: If you are a new puppy owner or would like a refresher course, I have teamed up with Baxter and Bella.


Amy Jensen is the trainer behind Baxter and Bella -- she's a former teacher who has used her lesson planning and instructional skills to develop an amazing program that teaches you how to communicate with, socialize, and train your puppy.


When you sign up for a Baxter & Bella membership, be sure to use the code SARATOGA to save 25% off your lifetime membership.

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