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Delicious Kibble

I Strongly recommend keeping your puppy on pawTree food. This is the Kibble that the puppies eat while they're with me.


Mix it up
You don't like to eat the same thing every day, and neither does your dog. Reduce mealtime boredom and add valuable nutrition with these seasonings!


Puppy Pack

All of my recommended products for families taking home a new puppy.

Nutrition is very important to make sure a dog lives the longest, healthiest life possible. I use and strongly recommend pawTree products. (Use code Intro4u to save 20% off your first order)


Your dog's food shouldn't just help them survive -- it should help them thrive! Dogs need quality nutrition to be at their best. We recommend foods that have real meat as the first ingredient; are responsibly sourced; and don't contain meat by-products, artificial colors or preservatives, added sugar or other sweeteners, corn, wheat, or soy.


Similarly, treats should be made from real meat or offal (animal organs), and shouldn't contain preservatives or artificial flavors.


Take a look at some of my recommended products below, or shop my store to see all that pawTree has to offer.


Shop the Store
pawTree offers an amazing variety of food, treats, and toys. Check out the store to see they have to offer!

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